Sunday, October 5, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

We've been spending some time watching baseball this week. I think that both Georges are making up for lost time having had no access to bball the past years. Georgie has also taking a real liking to US football. He says he wants to play. I am wondering what position a little Vietnamese kid would be good playing? He's actually kind of cute cause he asks a whole bunch of football related questions like "what's a blitz?" and "what are the names of all the positions on each line?" Today he was talking about seeing a "thumble" on some game he was watching. Since he's 12, we corrected him lightning fast. Sometimes you need to be highly vigilant against making your middle schooler make a fool out of himself in front of his homies.

Given our time in front of the TV we have also been watching more than our fair share of commercials. Since when does the pharmaceutical business spend so much dough on TV advertising? It's crazy. Interestingly, many of the commercials seem to be related to either obscure diseases I have never heard of or penile dysfunction. Mostly the later. We have had some "splaining" to do with the kids. In Europe you see pictures of naked folks on random public billboards, but I can't recall ever seeing a commercial about poor erectile performance. Last night while we were watching the bball game Henry was multitasking by also playing gameboy. The commercial for Viagra came on (for the millionth time) and he just starting singing along with "Viva Viagra!" to the tune of Viva Las Vegas. I nearly had tea come shooting out my nose. I am hopeful that he will not break in to this tune in the middle of math class tomorrow. Georgie, with only the innocence that the young can embody, then told his Dad that he should get some of that stuff so he would be a better dancer. Mambo everyone!

And finally, Henry had an audition with a new violin teacher this afternoon. He was pretty nervous - and consequently so was I. Good news is that he did well and was accepted as a new student of Calvin Morisaki. So, for the low, low price of $80 a lesson, he will mold young Henry in to the next Cambodian virtuoso. Oh, and we also need to get him a new violin as his is a) too small and b) not a high quality instrument. I'm thinking that for this kind of investment I now have the obligation to become one of those "hollywood moms" and I can nag him endlessly about his potential with immunity. "Henry William Wisniewski, get in here and practice your violin!!!"


Booch said...

I am with ya on the pharmaseutical (spell ck?)commercials! Cate, now 7, asked me what an erection was the other day. It sounded like something great that lasts for hours. "Uhh, I don't know... ask your father." The best I could do @ the time. On another day, we are in the car on the way to religion class and my precious little Catholic girl is back there singing "I Kissed A Girl." "Uhh, can you not sing that after I drop you off @ church?" I thought for sure she would move on to the Viva Viagara, which does get sung @ the kitchen table while doing homework.

Booch said...
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