Monday, October 13, 2008

Date Night

On Saturday night, George and I went on a date. We don't do this often. Or, at least, often enough. Every once in a while though, George pulls a rabbit out of his hat.

A few weeks ago, he sent me an email and just told me to get a babysitter for the night of the 11th. I complied and was able to get a great college aged girl to come over and watch the boys. She was recommended by the owners of the house we are renting. The owner is a wonderful reference for lots of things. She even left us a nice binder with all the local food delivery joints. It was nice not to have to try lots of bad Chinese before finding the tasty one! Anyway, the babysitter turns up and I was glad that Georgie was only 12 and not the least bit interested in girls. I managed to get him a really hot young Brazilian babe for the evening! Being the guy he is, Georgie didn't notice that she was a cute little 20-something. Once he found out she was from Brazil, he only wanted to ask her about their soccer team. Still, it won't be long now before soccer pales in comparison to blond hair and long legs.

Our "date" was happening downtown, so we took the motorcycle. This was my first real ride on a motorcycle in my whole life. Mopeds are not considered motorcycles. George had taken me around the block several weeks ago, but this time we were on the open road going more than 20 mph. I can definitely see why people love it. It's quite the thrill ride. Still, I'm not much for the helmet. It squeezes my face together - - it is supposed to - - but at my age skin does not bounce back as quickly. I think I spent dinner with "helmet tracks" down the sides of my face!

George had planned dinner at a very low key Indian place right off of Geary. It bordered on "dive" but the food was marvelous! It's one of those places where you order when you walk in and then pay at the register when you leave. It had been written up in the regional where-to-eat book and most assuredly lived up to it's reputation. You know you're in a good Indian joint when entire extended Indian families are pushing together tables so all 15 of them can eat together. Plus, the dinner bill was only around $35 for the two of us. Perfect restaurant. Delicious and cheap!

After that, we hopped back on the bike to head over to The Filmore. This, I have come to find out, is an SF institution for music. It was a fun little club - no tables, just standing on the dance floor under these huge vintage chandeliers. We saw Chris Isaak. It was a super-fun show (that was SF speak - - everything is super-something!) We got there early and we were able to snag some really great standing space right in front of the stage. Ended up we were right where Chris walks down in to the crowd after playing a few songs, so I got to actually touch him as he walked by. It's always cool to touch famous people. Better than that, because I had made friends with the bouncer while we were waiting, I got to sit on this big roadie case and lean on the stage for the rest of the show. I felt like a groupie.

This seating arrangement was super-nice for a couple of reasons. First, I could chair dance when I wanted to and stand up and dance when the spirit moved me. Second, I could actually see the whole entire show. This is unusual for me in any standing situation. Usually there is someone taller than me in front of me, so I spend lots of time shifting around to get a view. This view typically involves the back of some one's head. And third, this gave me a good opportunity to be able to turn and look out at the crowd. I got to see a glimpse of what the band gets to see.

There were quite a few "real honest to goodness groupies" there. They were viciously jealous of my location. And, most were very forward in trying to get Chris' attention. It was hysterical watching a bunch of late 40-somethings writhing seductively thinking/hoping/praying that they were the "one" for him. From my vantage point, most of them were standing very near to other woman who looked eerily like the babysitter I left at home with my kids. So, I had to ask myself. Who would Chris really go for? The rabid 40-something fan who had obviously practiced choreographed dance moves to accompany all his tunes - - or the 20-something nubile babe who hardly knew the words, but obviously could be had for the asking??? A question for the ages - - or is that the aged??

In the end - - GREAT time. Good food, cool motorcycle AND a great performer. He played until Midnight. We were exhausted the next day. But, thanks to George for planning a super-great date!

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee. I've been to lots of Chris Isaak shows and it is always the same with the women vying for his attention. It cracks me up. A year ago, he asked my sister to come up on stage and now she thinks he has the hots for her. Although I wouldn't mind an encounter with Chris, I go for the music and the show, certainly not to be the "one" for the night. LOL