Friday, October 17, 2008

Holiday Preparation

Halloween is approaching. The boys have celebrated this classic holiday, but heretofore it has been celebrated in Japan, Germany and Great Britain. They have been trick-or-treating but never on the scale of the US. And, never on the scale that is rumored to happen in our neighborhood. Turns out that we live in "THE" place to trick-or-treat in San Fran. Our neighbors tell us to expect at least 400 kids. We are going from low-key to high-octane.

In preparation for the big day, I have ordered candy from a classic candy company. I know that the boys will come home with the expected trick-or-treat loot consisting of the easily-available Nestles and Mars mixes. Maybe some one will get creative and chuck in the Brachs (I am hopeful as I love candycorn and the kids do not!). But, I decided to go for something a tad more interesting. So we will have BB-Bats, Kits taffy, red hots and charms caramel apple lollipops. I do this as an anonymous gift to every parent who will search through their kid's bags after the house-to-house trek is completed. There nestled in the wrappers of kit-kats and snickers bars, will be a little trip down memory lane for the over 40 crowd.

Also, in preparation we took the boys to our local pumpkin patch. The rule was that they could pick any pumpkin as long as they could pick it up and hold it. They took this to the ultimate level. Don't they look pretty pleased with themselves? This is the first trip to buy a pumpkin that didn't happen in a grocery store parking lot. There were real hay bales, corn stalks and everything. The speeding traffic on the parallel street impacted the ambiance, and the "hay ride" consisted of a loop around a vacant lot, but beyond that it was practically like we were really in a pumpkin patch. We have excellent imaginations.

I have also had to focus on the aspect of external house decorating. In Japan, we headed over to my dear friends neighborhood to do the deed - - so she is known in our house as "Crys who has all cool things for halloween." In Germany we headed over to where the US Consulate personnel lived, so we enjoyed their decorations. And in London, we didn't even realize that there would be trick-or-treating until the actual night of Halloween - - ergo, we did nothing but throw on some costumes and hit the two blocks around our house. Bottom line for SF, we had to go out and get some stuff. We now have "Jack the Pirate Ghoul" and the requisite spider webbing/large arachnid in the window. George the elder is dismayed. He is wondering whether or not I am going to go out and get all things plastic and illuminated as we move in to the Christmas season. I'm thinking of it. If you're going to go there -- I say go all the way. To take Halloween to the next level, I'm seriously considering purchasing the fog machine and hiring some local teenagers to jump out of the bushes to scare people senseless.

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