Monday, October 20, 2008

Run boys run!

Yesterday we had a "walk-a-thon" for the San Francisco School. When the boys first brought the information packet home from school I excitedly opened the package looking for the worthwhile charity my children would be walking for. Alas, the selected worthwhile cause was....The San Francisco School. This confused me. I didn't realize you could do a walk-a-thon to benefit yourself. Turns out you can. Turns out that you can spend $13 each on creatively designed Walk-a-thon t-shirts for the whole family. More to the point, it turns out that the actual walking part isn't nearly as important as the parents writing the check part.

In return for said check we were rewarded with being able to force our children to walk around and around in a circle in a park for the better part of an hour while we cheered them on. George and I were interested in making sure we got the most for our money. We whipped our boys into a frenzy and forced them to run. Our money. Our entertainment.

In the end I thought this was such a super-good idea that next week I am going to start raising money for my own personal walk-a-thon. I'm raising money to support my new outdoor holiday decoration habit. It won't be tax deductible, but you'll be able to bask in the feel-good-emotions of knowing that I have the coolest decorations you ever did see. I'm going to do the walking while I am roaming the aisles of my nearest Michael's Craft emporium. There won't be any t-shirts, but I may head over to Nordstroms to purchase some cute new shoes to roam the aisles in. You can be assured your money will be well spent.

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