Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Change of Heart

A couple of days ago I posted about the walk-a-thon at the boys school. I snarkily commented on the price of the requisite t-shirts that commemorated this auspicious event.

Yesterday Henry came home from school with his "Tuesday Note Home". This is the school rag that brings all the parents up to date with important goings on and also has a section that toots horns for kids that have done something noteworthy.

Said Tuesday Note Home announced that Henry's watermelon drawing had been selected as one of the fruits in the design of the walk-a-thon t-shirts. Go figure, I wore the thing all day long and didn't realize my own little budding artist was responsible for the glorious slice of watermelon resting directly upon my right breast.

This means two things - - 1) I am never going to be able to throw out those t-shirts, and 2) What were they thinking charging ONLY $13 for something my child poured his creative soul into???

Footnote: You can see said watermelon in the photo previously posted. It is the triangular red and green splotch located on the woman's right breast. My watermelon slice looked bigger (yuck yuck yuck).

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K said...

Does this mean you have to go bak and buy 20 more shirts to give out as Christmas presents? Just think, it benefits the school and doubles as a present!