Saturday, October 4, 2008

I live with boys

Friday night, in our house, is Pizza and a Movie Night. We've held this tradition for some number of years through good pizza and bad pizza - - o.k. mostly bad pizza. We are happy to be back in the land of pizza and have found a good local joint that delivers.

Last night the boys and I decided to head down to West Portal to order our pizza from the actual shop and to visit our neighborhood video joint to become a member and rent a couple of flicks.

The boys' choices were "Run Fat Boy Run" and "Meet the Spartans". For those of you who have seen "Meet the Spartans", there is really no need to finish reading this post. You are already aware of the insane number of gonad jokes that are creatively crammed in to a 90 minute movie. I was going to write "film", but I realized that that would be just plain wrong.

Luckily, we chose to eat our pizza before turning on the movie. The sheer number of puss, snot, and other viscous fluid shots would have negatively impacted the eating experience for me. The boys wouldn't have cared an iota.

The three boys pretty much snickered, snorted, guffawed and laughed through the entire movie. They slapped knees, rolled their eyes in glee and learned new descriptive ways to talk about their packages. Thanks to a scene involving a "your mommas so fat." joke battle, I have a whole new generation of comedians in my house. Goodie goodie!

I grow misty-eyed remembering those nights when we sat and watched family friendly G rated flicks. Oh Toy Story where have you gone? I am out numbered by men and fear that my life of watching bad satires is just beginning.

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