Thursday, October 2, 2008

Butter snob

I have managed to raise food snobs. We had had a conversation the other night at dinner regarding the quality of the butter I was serving with corn bread. Henry related that he thought that the taste and texture of the butter in the "gold" wrapper was superior to the butter in the paper wrapper. The gold was some fancy schmancy imported butter, the paper was your run of the mill Land-o-lakes. I thought he was just spewing his usual know-it-all kind of Henry-ism. I mean really - doesn't the flavor of corn bread just call for the yummy moisture that butter provides regardless of the kind of butter? I guess not.

This morning at breakfast I made the boys waffles. Don't get too excited, I just popped Eggo's in the toaster and reached for the butter and syrup. Henry's breakfast was sitting at his seat before he arrived downstairs (please refer to earlier post about Henry's dawdling issues). Because I think that the butter on waffles should soften before it's spread, I had already put some butter on his waffles and put the container away. He takes one bite of his waffle and says accusingly, "You used the cheap butter, didn't you?" He then proceeded to get up and toast himself another waffle and ate it sans butter. Whilst doing so, he opined that he would rather have no butter on his Eggo, than be forced to eat the "bad stuff".

What's next? A revolt against juice in the container versus fresh squeezed. Good night nurse!!

And on a final note - - we were watching the playoff game last night between Boston and LA. I must not have been paying attention at the Giants' game we attended, but what is the deal with the players of the winning team heading out to the field to "congratulate" themselves for winning? They line up like kids do at the end of any little league sport to say "good game" to each other by slapping hands with the opposing team -- 'cept that apparently in professional baseball you only have to say "good game" to yourselves. What a bunch of hokey.

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K said...

We have some of that in our house. I am fine buying skim milk and even, gasp, margarine on occasion and Bjorn always notices and usually complains. I know, I know, hard to believe.