Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Backyard

Our back yard is not very interesting. It is a very steep slope that mostly contains the sub basement that serves to keep our house perched nicely in place. Whether the copious amounts of concrete will technically work to hold the house on the very, very steep slope if "the big one" comes to SF is uncertain. What is absolutely certain is that one of two things will happen. The house will stay on the hill - - or the house will slide off the hill and rest on top of our backyard neighbors who live at the bottom of the hill. Very zen, eh?

In the meantime, we will enjoy the best part of our backyard - - the view. No matter what perils may exist living on a major fault line - - there is an exceptional offset. We get to see this most nights. It doesn't suck.


K said...

Wow. That's an awesome view. How can you not have a glass of wine every night watching that?

Chris said...

Wendy: I've been catching up on your life since returning to San Francisco by reading your blog, and hope you'll contact me at Orrick's San Francisco office (415-773-5942) so that we can catch up in person. Love the blog, btw. I can't believe how much Georgie and Henry have grown since Japan! I hope they enjoy their first true American Halloween.

--Chris Chavez