Friday, October 10, 2008

Breakfast Wear

Yesterday morning while I was in the kitchen making breakfast, packing lunches and running through the typical morning regime, Georgie and I shared a bit of conversation between his bites of lovingly prepared homemade oatmeal:

Georgie: "Mom, when you were young were you a nurse or a doctor or a surgeon?"
Me: "No, George, I was never any of those things. Why do you ask?"
Georgie: "Cause you always have those blue pants on. You know. Like Doctors wear."
Me: "Say what?"

I mean, honestly! On most mornings I am in the kitchen running through the a.m. drudgery outfitted in my daringly sheer negligee complete with a pair of ostrich feather topped stiletto mules. My make-up is perfect. I am wearing lipstick and eye liner. And, I am alluringly misted with my favorite perfume. Me in surgical scrubs for the 8 billionth morning in a row? I don't think so.

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