Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Doppleganger Elizabeth

George the Elder and I finally got ourselves out on a date over the weekend.  We went to see "The King's Speech."  If you haven't been yet - - hie thee to a theater before the Oscars on Sunday night.  It's a damn fine film.  Me?  I was prepared for the slog of an historical documentary-esque film.  Instead, I can't exactly recall how many times I laughed out loud.  Dialog was witty and clever.  Colin Firth deserves every bit of that nomination!

Coincidentally, I received an email from a dear friend (VB you know who you are) - - who sent along some photos of the young Queen Elizabeth to me.  She reports that she is now convinced the I am related to the Queen.  What nonsense?  Or is it?  Could we be living in a parallel universe?  Was I switched a birth from royal heritage?  Whisked away to a commoner's life in Greensburg PA to hide my true and deserved lineage?

The Real Queen E

Me on the right - adjusting to life as a commoner?

Ah, wouldn't that be grand?  Just thinking about the sheer number of hats and tiny purses I would have in my closet is overwhelming.  Corgies galore!  Lots of really good tea.  And the plaid!  Oh the plaid!!!

But wait - - there is one itsy bitsy little chunk of a downside....

Egad!  The hair's about the right color already.  Will keep this in the "memory vault" for a couple more decades.  We'll check back on this later.  As in MUCH MUCH later.  I'm not looking forward to it.  No I most certainly am not.


2W3 said...

Frightening. I mean the second picture. Check out the hairdo on Mom!

Molly~ said...

Trip... LOL. Although Damn if I wasn't the cutest thing.

And I have to admit I thought the young E was Marilyn at first. But then I wondered, why is she clawing her face?