Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CMR Update Feb 16: We got some finishes!

This is Jason the Cabinet man.  What's great about Jason is that we're seeing him now because after months of big equipment, cement trucks, unfinished carpentry to put up walls and lots and lots of dry wall - - we're ready for the finishes.  Hello Jason the Cabinet Man!!

Jason built these!  The left will hold George's stereo rack and stereo equipment,  the middle will be our delicious wine closet soon-to-be-built by Steve the Wine Guy and the right are just going to be some open shelves where we will put some of our children's handcrafted and fired ceramics and macaroni picture frames- - or not.

Jason built this!!  This is the boys' bathroom vanity.  It will have two nice big drawers so I can stuff all their crap in to them in an outta-sight-outta-mind move - - and down below a kinda cubby scenario where I will put their extra towels.  Soon to be seen in the bathroom???  The TILE.  They were laying it out today.  See the muddy walls?  All ready for wonderfully colorful Heath tiles...

This nice guy was hanging the first of our new interior doors.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  They all have ribbed glass inserts.  Some day in the distant future, this will be the door to a bathroom.  Today it is a door to a closet.   But the bathrooms have 1/2 glass and the other rooms get...

Full Glass!!!  Whoopppeeee!!  This is the door to my laundry room.  Poetic that it will be the first room with a door AND the first room to be painted TOMORROW!!!!  Bring on the Iced Marble - we're getting some color!

And here's two before and almost-after shots.  The Master bath with all it's wallpaper and frilly curtains:

The master bath with no door, no wall paper and no frilly curtains.  Soon the ceiling will be "steam" and the walls will be a lovely shade of "storm" - how cool is this??

The guest room bath in its previous riotous color scheme. Could you get any more curtains on that window??

And mid-correction...  Frankly, I hardly noticed how super-super yellow the ceiling and window trim really was against all the seizure-provoking wall paper.  Admittedly, this room will not have the WAKE-UP effect of its former glory - - but nor will we have to call the paramedics when our guests are blinded.  And the best news about this room is that they were able to find a nearly spot-on match for the pink tile for the areas under the sink and on the shower side!  Good deal.

Last - - check out these big BEE-YOU-TI-FUL windows.  After mis-information about impending delivery 3 weeks ago, after missing their ride two weeks ago - - this week - - well we got some serious sunshine streaming in.  And the two side windows open!  And they don't leak water!  And they keep the hot and cold air out.  Perfectly wonderful windows....

They're cleaner than this!  We couldn't figure out how to open the atrium doors, so this was taken through a window!

View from library entry way down hall towards the Kitchen stairs

Look Ma!!  We OPEN!!!
Before the week is out, we will have lots of tile, more doors, and rumor has it the railings are nearly completed.  The skylight needs to be ordered and installed and we STILL haven't selected an exterior paint color.  BUT - holy house batman - - - it's starting to look like we've got ourselves a home here.


TNgrammy said...

Fantastic!!! Love the glass doors. You're right it's beginning to look like the end is near......and a wonderful home it will be!!

Debra said...

Looks great! You are going to have so much natural light!

Steph said...

What's wrong with the wallpaper?? I liked it.