Tuesday, February 22, 2011

CMR: President's Day 2/21 Color My World

First things first....our dented mac daddy of a water / radiant floor heater was replaced with a pretty sparkling new one.  Way to go Scotty-the Radiant Guy!!

This little doo-hicky will be all that we need to manage...

This highly complex and amazing feat of radiant floor heating technical monstrosity:

Since we now have electricity running back in to the house, we "technically" have overhead lighting. We do not, however, have any light switches so only tall-ish people can "turn" the lights on.  This is also know in the trade as "screwing in a light bulb."

But we need some extra light to see our very diagonally hip mid-century dream of a marmoleum floor!!  It's a little wonky on the eye in this photo, but it's simply divine in person.

The tile guys are hard at work finishing up our new downstairs bath.  The photo makes it look kind of "christmassy", but it doesn't look that way in person.  In fact, it looks exactly like we dreamed it would!  Hurrah for bathroom tile....

While continuing to strive for achieving the perfect exterior color for the CMR, George the Elder painted some big sheets of "Sequoia" on Sunday morning over at the temporary digs.

We hauled them over to the construction site and taped them up on a bunch of different exterior locations to see if we liked the color.  Guess what?  We DID!!  So, we're sticking with a reddish brown called "Redwood" or "Sequoia."  Oh so very northern California isn't it?  The trim will be a white to "pop" the windows.  Soooooo happy to have decision out of the way.  You likee?

Typically we head over to the CMR on Sunday mornings.  We go then because no one else is there.  It is quiet - no saws, no sanders, no one working.  But, this Sunday we got a little surprise!  Meet Charles The Painter.  As it turns out Charles the Painter also likes the house when there are no other workers there.  But the best part of the surprise was that Charles the Painter and his dogged painting helpers were PAINTING THE INTERIOR!!!  We got COLOR!!

This is the entry hall.  The color is "straw."  My camera makes the colors look a little brighter than they are in person.  But, DAMN, we love this color with our oak wood work.  After living so so so many weeks and months with white walls, we couldn't be happier to see a little color on the walls!

This is the library on Sunday around noon.  The color in person is a really nice blue/gray.  Oddly, much more gray that this photo shows.

When we returned on Monday we got to see the "straw" meet the "pigeon.  We're practically giddy.

Monday afternoon they are finishing up the hallway....

The living room first coat is finished!!

And so is the dining room!!!

The master bedroom??  A lovely shade of "storm" - can't wait to see it with the hardwood floors once they are unmasked.

I was over there this morning and they were starting the sanding of all the old wood around the upstairs.  They'll give it a nice sanding and then they'll cover it with a couple of coats of clear finish.  It's gonna be all pretty and shiny!!  They were also installing the wood floor in the library (or half of the library that used to be the "bindery" before we made it into the Library).  The bath tile is nearing the ceiling, they're grouting the front steps and I hear more rumors about railings being ready.

Best news of all?  We are ON TIME for completion at the end of March.  In just FIVE SHORT DAYS we will put in our notice to vacate our unit here at the Park Merced Apartments.  I am OVER THE FRICKIN MOON!!


TNgrammy said...

It looks great! I love the outside color. All the inside colors look great together. I look forward to seeing the finished tile work in the boys bathroom....the shower tile is amazing. Your special floor in the laundry is beautiful. I can only imagine how excited you are at this point!!!!!!!

Molly~ said...

So cool.. I think you need to invest in a flip camera so that you can upload a video tour!!!!

What's the color in the living room.. is that straw as well? Looks like a buttercream...

KB said...


Debra said...

I love the colors!!! It is starting to look like a real home again! yea!