Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammies 2011 - What a Show?

The Grammies - - sort of like the Oscars - - but with more interesting costumes and better performances (or not...)
  • First comment from George the Younger, "Is EVERYONE wearing latex pants?  That's hecka weird!"
  • Dear Usher, You ain't no Michael Jackson.  No matter what you might think.
  • Lady Gaga pointy mutant shoulders?  HUGE improvement over the meat dress, I think.  Better yet, her whole dance crew were like mental patients in shiny yellow hospital robes.  She should, however, ensure that Madonna gets a nice fat hunk of whatever she makes from that song which is nothing more than a cover of "express yourself."
  • Lady Gaga AGAIN - wonderful black rubber body armour.  I wanna borrow it.  If I were to sit in that in my car, those big bulbous butt cheeks could enable me to finally see over the steering wheel of my car for the first time in my life.  The pointy breasts -- just a little jelly on that bread.
  • First comment from Henry, "I think Katy Perry went a little over-board with her bedazzler!"
  • Current musicians who CAN sing?:  Bruno and Eminem
  • Current musicians who wouldn't have made it to Hollywood week based on their Grammy performances?: Rhianna (who couldn't carry a tune if they handed it to her on a shovel - but obviously has a second career as a fabulously talented pole dancer) and Miranda Lambert (what WAS that??)
  • Nicki Minaj - what were you thinking?  Leopard Q-tip?  Really?

  • Norah, John and Keith - - sweet little nugget of a song: Jolene (although John looked way too much like John Mayer-channeling-Johnny Depp, didn't he??)
  • Is J-Lo married to Gullam?  And what was with the playful, yet non-sensical, marital banter between the two?  Please don't let either of the twins look like Dad...
  • Did you catch Beiber's face when he lost to Esparanza?  I don't know who looked more shocked - Justin that he lost or Esparanza that she won!
  • Mick, Bob and Babs -- great to see you - - but how does it feel to be the "old folks"?  George the Younger wondered aloud whether Mick's Dad "thought he was an akward child?" and said "Hey!  Is that the lady that plays Ben Stiller's mom???  I didn't know she sang!!!."  As for Bob - - "what's he supposed to be doing?  Singing??  It doesn't sound like singing.  And who is Maggie and what's with her pie or farm or whatever?"
  • Cee Lo Green??  Highlight of the night.  He made Elton John look reserved.  It was Monty Python meets the muppets - - and all with a great song - - that should have won....

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Steph said...

Justin Bieber's face when he lost -- priceless! His handlers must have not properly prepared him for the possibility. You go Esparanza! I never heard of you, but you go girl!

You forgot the Aretha Franklin tribute. It was awesome.