Thursday, February 3, 2011

Congrats to the H-Man!!

While we've been mostly focused on the process of getting George the Younger accepted in to High School - - we spent a bit of time trying to find the right summer program for Henry.  After his last summer at Winaukee, we finally threw in the towel and realized that forcing him to go to a sports camp for 5 weeks - - when he is only there half-heartedly - - was wrong.  He needed something else.  Something academic. Something where other like-nerdy-kids spend great amounts of time indoors performing diabolical experiments with chemicals and beakers and safety glasses.  You know, something where Henry could stop dissecting plasterboard in my kitchen and leave the mess for someone else (meaning me).

Well,  I did I little research to see what was out there for our lad.  Lo and behold, turns out that we have a pretty well known university right down the street from us called Stanford.  Better yet, they have several very academically focused summer programs for maths and sciences concocted specifically for brainy middle schoolers.  Yup!  Just the ticket for our budding scientist.

Downside is that you had to apply to get in - - you know - - transcripts, standardized test scores, recommendations from teachers -  you'd think he was going to Stanford or something :)   How I longed for the writing of the check to Camp Winaukee - - they let anyone in.  It's easier.   But - - -

 A big shout-out of congrats to the H-Man who was accepted to attend the EPGY (educated program for gifted youth) at Standford this summer for two weeks fully immersed in all things Physics.  There was no gigantic celebration when he heard the news.  Weirdly, just a sly little smile disguising his jubilation.  Way to go Henry!

And way to go me!  Nearly 4 weeks of summer plans down for Henry.  10 days in Salzburg + 2 weeks at Stanford still leaves many weeks of no plans.  And, with Henry - - idle hands ARE the devil's workshop.  Any one got any other suggestions???

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