Monday, August 24, 2009


Guess what we did this weekend? A whole lotta hunka nothing. It was beyond nice.

We sat around. We read books. We listened to the boys play with their friends who have discovered that they are home from camp. We made a great lobster dinner (decadent, but oh so yummy). We went to bed early and slept in late. Or, at least the three of us slept in late. George the Younger aka Rooster Boy was up at the butt crack of dawn, but he is stealth and knows to creep around until the rest stir. He's an ace of a kid.

On Sunday we did venture out once. We got an early start at Office Depot where we shopped for all-things-school-supply. We were grateful to get an early start since about 30 minutes in to it we were joined by dozens of our school supply shopping peers. Each carrying the lists of required supplies. Each trying to convince their kids that that $5 binder was going to disintegrate just as fast as the $9 binder. (An amusing aside: George the Younger's supply list was quite lengthy. Binders for every subject, notebooks and reams of paper and special pencils and the like. At the bottom of the page was a little disclaimer that warned parents that a child's backpack should only weigh 10% of their body weight. It took all four of us to carry all the crap to the car and unless George weighs neigh on 400 pounds, I think they missed the mark in prior planning there).

Next stop on our brief exodus from the house was our local mall to buy school shoes. Woe to all parents when their children exceed the sizes for kids. Size 6 = $50. Size 7 = $100. Maybe they should consider a sliding scale for shoe sizes. That way the jump from 6 to 7 isn't so brutal. If you went up 7.5% every shoe size, at least they'd ease you in to it.

George the Younger (channeling some popular gangsta rap star), was enthralled by a pair of high top shoes in silver. George the Elder commented that he resembled a friggin tin man. In my opinion, silver shoes in a size 8 on a kid that is about my height (5'2") make him look like he has huge steel girders attached to his ankles. He loved them so much though that we caved. He has been wearing them in the house, breaking them in before school starts. Silver High tops? What are we - the 2009 version of the Hans Brinker classic? Thankfully, Henry has absolutely an absence of fashion sense (not that George the Younger has any "real" fashion sense, he just wants to look like a member of Jabbawockeez - look it up if the reference is beyond you). He scanned the racks, picked the first pair of Nike's that he liked, tried them on and was finished. George the Younger took considerably more time.

And then we asked the question of both boys, "Do you need anything else before school starts?" Both resoundingly responded, "NO!" This makes school shopping so much quicker and easier. Both wear the same thing 365 days a year. Boy clothes. No "outfits" to worry about. No "what is Cindy wearing this year?" Bliss. School shopping bliss.

We returned home in exactly 2.5 hours and spent the rest of Sunday reading the paper. I even got to do all my Sunday crossword puzzles before George the Elder had dinner on the table. And, yes, you read that correctly. George the Elder cooks on Sunday. He's a keeper.

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