Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Willy

Today riding home in the car, George the Younger and I were having one of the Mom/Son moments where we were talking about sex. George the Younger, as I may have mentioned, turns 13 next week - so we are trying to get the talks in as we can. Today just happened to be one of those moments he and I were both in a good place talking about "things to come." (God, I really do love a good pun when it happens...) We had pretty much wrapped up the main conversation and were sitting there listening to "Hotel Room" by Pitbull - a classic romantic love song about your standard 1 v Many in a holiday inn - when the conversation took an interesting turn:

GTY: Mom, you know that commercial with the trojan?
Me: Trojan, as in condoms?
GTY: Mom, geeze, I know what a condom is.
Me: I wasn't questioning your knowledge of what a condom was, I was asking if you meant Trojans as in horse or trojans as in protection.
GTY: Whatever. Anyway, there's this commercial where they say that Trojan's make you feel as if nothing is there.
Me: And????
GTY: Why is that good if the girl didn't think that the boy had a dick?

A moment of silence. A moment to consider whether or not to call him on the carpet for the use of the word "dick." Ah what the heck, I burst out laughing. And then came the harder part trying to aptly explain about "who" exactly in that particular scenario was happy about feeling nothing and why.

My thanks to Trojan for the many faceted advertisement. Perhaps they didn't think of that interpretation.

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fin said...

Your blog always helps me through my China days! Miss you and wish I was having these conversations here - with you!