Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Most Likely

First, thanks to all who sent good "wishes" our way. Turns out that the beggars are riding. What they are riding is still an unanswered question...

Doc says it's not psoriasis, at least in his opinion. But that's pretty much where it ended. There's still a question about WHAT exactly this IS. It's most likely viral, it most likely will go away in anywhere from one to three months and it most likely will respond to topical therapy. That's a whole lot of most likely isn't it? I was beginning to get the feeling that most likely was a term that they taught in medical school to take the place of the less comforting phrase of "who-the-#$%-knows?".

So, armed with new foamy stuff that looks like a can of Nair, we begin to fight the unknown red scourge. We will wait about three weeks and then we will try to rule out (or in) some of the most likely things. If we cannot, then they will do a skin biopsy. We decided against that this morning.

Given the option of having a piece of George the Younger's back cut off, I decided against. I decided "against" jointly with the doc, just in case you are thinking he really pushed for this and I pushed back. Frankly, if it was going to make a difference I would have grabbed the scalpel myself. Surely, I would have done a crappier job than him - given his medical training - - but I have seen my fair share of medical dramas on TV.

So, after a long 24 hours of worry, we are at placated at this point that it is not an auto-immune disease. Hurrah for that! I most likely will take a nap this afternoon. Worrying is exhausting business.

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