Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emu Oil

Not much news to report on the home front over the past day. George the Younger tried his new foamy get-rid-of-the-scourge stuff and the first application didn't go well. And by not well, I mean he ended up screaming, jumping around, flapping his arms and crying because it stung so viciously. And, it is worth knowing that George the Younger is neither a jumper nor a cryer. It was heart-breaking to see. At first I thought that this was going to be a hell of a three weeks if I had to make him scream and cry twice a day - - but gratefully the next application (which required some SERIOUS cajoling and promising of all things chocolate) went much better. We remain hopeful that this stuff will do the trick.

I also need to make a shout out to my "aunt" Kelly who recommended the Emu Oil stuff. I know I joked about it in a prior post, but this stuff is fantabulous. I am not sure whether it is helping George the Younger's full body suit of red seething rash per se, since we have a ways to go - - but if it works on his body like it is working on my feet, then this stuff is manufactured by the Gods on Mt. Olympus. Miracle stuff. Mana from heaven. A phenomenon in a plastic pot.

I have heels that are often described in my own words as hoofs. Not cloven, but hoofs nonetheless. I apologize to each and every person who gives me a pedicure in advance - I thank them for their upcoming hard work. These gals really need to lean in to it for me to end up with the perfect pedicure. I miss the use of razors in Asia. Basically, those folks just perform minor surgery by stripping off layers of heel to get the pretty pink heels we all know and love. I tip well. Really well. BUT, after four days of applying this magic Emu Oil - - I am a changed woman. Or, at least the description of my feet has been downgraded from industrial-grade-sandpaper to kitchen-grade-pot-scrubber. I am well on my way to smooth and supple. I am a convert. I am going to order this stuff by the case. I am going to save money on tips to pedicurists (is there such a word as that?)

Given the results on my feet - -I am thinking of starting just to dip myself in it entirely every night. Screw the rest of the anti-aging beauty routine. Just dunk yourself in a vat of emu oil, marinate for 30 minutes and emerge sleek, satiny and looking decades younger. Sounds like a plan to me.

In other news, George the Younger won his second baseball game last night 15-3. He got one hit, walked once and had a picture perfect slide in to home to score a run. As usual, he played well defensively. I think that they have settled on having him play mostly third base since he is one of the only kids who can throw consistently and accurately to first. I like when he plays infield as I can remain engaged in the game. Outfield is just dang boring to watch.

And finally, George the Elder is on his first business trip after being at home constantly since January 2008. Of course I miss him. Of course the boys miss him. But, I have to admit that it's kind of nice to have him gone for just a few days. You know - - absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that crap. I put the boys to bed after feeding them Mickey D's after the baseball game and proceeded to flit through a number of bad TV shows: Something about fat girls having weddings, a snippet of the movie Enchanted (I am a confirmed geek about watching musical numbers) and I watched Idol with wild abandon. The kinds of things that are viewed as what-the-hell-are-you-watching by the menfolk in the house. Yes, it will be nice when he is home. But for now, I am looking forward to this evening when I plan to watch Pretty Woman and eat popcorn for dinner once the boys are down for the count. Wow, when the cat's away all things go to hell in a handbasket in our house.

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