Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Toys for Boys

A few weeks ago, George convinced me to go to "look" at motorcycles with him. In our world, albeit not necessarily known to George himself, "look" generally does not mean "look". When we got to Monroe Motors and George wanted me to put 50 cents in the meter so he could just have a quick gander around. Knowing what this really meant, I fed the meter the full allowable amount and prepared my wallet for easy access to additional quarters. It was not in vain. I drove home by myself. George drove this.

Being naive about motorcycles in general, I thought it was like a new car. When you buy a new car, it comes with everything that you need. Not so with this little gadget. With a little bit of enthusiasm and unlimited access to the Internet, it appears that you can change lots of things about the vehicle. This is a "before" picture. Since this was taken, it now has new mirrors, new caps, new gear shifty-things and a whole host of other nifty upgrades. In fact, I now know the UPS guy by name.

George's new hobby now lives in the garage where he spends several hours on the weekend attaching new upgrades to what I thought was a perfectly good motorcycle just the way it was. He keeps asking me if I think it "looks better" with the new this or the enhanced that. I nod vigorously. But truth be told, if he didn't point at exactly what he was referring to, I wouldn't notice the difference. This, I am told, is just a girl thing. Similar to when you rent a car and are asked what kind of car you rented. Men answer "Ford". Women answer "blue". To me, the motorcycle is "red".


Sonia said...

Wow Wendy, you have been busy blogging! I just caught up with all of your posts. I am glad that you got unpacked and you guys are settling in. To be honest with you, I didn't like the weather of SF the year I lived there before moving to Tokyo. I didn't like feeling cold all of the time in the summer. I will check back in again soon!


Hiroko said...

Ah...that dinner in London didn't just whet the appetite for the tummy...
The "boys" should do the "camp" in the South of France next summer...we've had three glorious days of sun and beautiful weather here in London. Wish you were here.

ゆび said...

Ahhh, Ducati... Love the Italian cars and motorcycles. My friend's husband has one and my boys saw it and just couldn't wait to have one for themselves! I told them they could have one some day, but they have to wear helmets!