Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Moving is Hell

Just sat down for the first time all day. My dogs are barking something fierce!!! Two days ago I waxed sentimental about seeing my things and missing them so much. Forget all that. Today I don't really care if I ever open one more box. The level of confusion and chaos is more than Ian McChaos of the McChaos clan.

I have discovered a couple of things since I started unpacking all my crap (yes, it is all now a bunch a C.R.A.P. - - at least until I get it all put away). First, inevitably the first boxes you unpack are always things you could absolutely live without permanently The very first thing out of a box that I opened was an amusement park plastic drink container that has two separate compartments and two giant plastic straws that allow the user, Georgie, to have unlimited amounts of both Coke and Diet Coke during a recent park visit. Let's not even ask why this was in a box in the first place.

Second, everything that you take out of a box initially is likely to be dependent on something else either being put together or unpacked. As a result, you are doomed to having little piles of useless items sitting around on all open and available surfaces until the basket they belong is unpacked or the shelves they need to be placed on are put together. Often times you end up moving these little piles more than once until they can truly be "housed" in the appropriate place. Big drag.

Third, it is a well known fact that moving uses the paper equivalent of that which is used by a copy shop on an annual basis. In other words, some small rain forest tribe in now without shelter and some endangered species are now extinct. While I do feel bad about our negative imprint on the earth), I have to admit that it is kind of interested to finally figure out what you are actually going to get when you finish unwrapping something. Since everything is wrapped in at least seven layers of paper, all little parcels end up looking the exactly same. Once wrapped, everything no matter what the shape ends up looking like a slightly squashed oval-something-or-other. Today I excitedly unwrapped a little parcel, hoping it was some meaningful piece of memorabilia - - but alas after the seven layers of paper were peeled away, it was nothing more than a Rubik's cube. Disappointing.

Well, I have some photos of the container that I will share tomorrow. I took Georgie to get a new cell phone on Monday afternoon and in the process of getting a new cell phone for him, they changed something on my account and I can't send or receive emails on my blackberry. Great! I really needed just one more thing to do this week.

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K said...

Ian McChaos of the McChaos Clan. Heh. Glad to see some things never change.