Sunday, September 14, 2008

San Francsico Duck Tour

Shannon came for a visit last week on her way home from the Dem national convention in Denver. O.K., so San Fran isn't exactly on "the way" from Denver to Providence, but the airfare was cheap and she had a couple of days before school started.

Given all my worldly travel, I need to make a confession here - - I LOVE bus tours. Regular buses, double-decker buses and, yes - - Duck Tours. On the opposite end of the spectrum is George who, in a word, HATES any sort of tours. Especially those that involve strangers and being couped up on a vehicle with them. He will, however, go on these tours if I whine loud enough and have the support of the other four members of the family. Since Shannon has inherited my love of bus tours, and the boys will go on any vehicle - - we convinced George to go with us. The boys deeply appreciate duck tours in the way that only boys can - - they come with little duck call thingys (see photo) so you can make noise, the operators are generally kind of funny AND they do go from land to water!! The perfect combo of vehicle and noise.

We learned all kinds of nifty facts about our city that day. None of which I can remember. Still, it was a nice introduction to our new home AND it was a beautiful day in Fisherman's wharf AND we got a free waffle cone at Coldstone Creamery afterwards. A good day all in all.

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