Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Stuff is HERE!!

Tomorrow morning bright and early, our things from London are set to be delivered. I'm hitting the hay early tonight! The movers say it will take them three days to unpack. What's up with that? I can't imagine what will take them three days. Historically, I have been able to get the house in order in less than that amount of time all by my lonesome. Is there just going to be one one-armed man pulling stuff out of boxes and trying to set up the beds?

No matter, I am just doing a little jig that they are here. I am over the following (listed in no particular order): Having only one knife in the kitchen, having a set of silverware that actually bends slightly when eating cereal (apparently the weight of the oaten chunks is too much for the stainless steel?), having only 5 pieces of clothing that must be rotated (I packed more, but miscalculated the freezing temperature here in the bay area - - see previous post), having George having only 4 pairs of boxer shorts with him (why did he only pack 4 pairs of boxers when he knew he would be without his stuff for 2 months?? This is a question he refuses to answer.), not having a coffee table (exactly where do you put your stuff while you are sitting on the couch with no coffee table??) and having only one 60 watt bulb lamp to light the entire living room. In essence, I am over just the whole "I am without my stuff" lifestyle.

I apologize to all new-agers who buy into living simply and feeling more in tune with themselves having rid their lives of all the toxic over tones associated with our consumer happy culture. What a bunch of bunk! I just want my nice towels back!!!

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