Friday, September 12, 2008

First Back to School Night

Headed off to the San Francisco School last night for the middle school back-to-school night. The school is very small, slightly more alternative that I had imagined, but generally is going to work out great for both guys.

The event lasted from 6:30 until 9:00 replete with the requisite "changing of classes" so we could get a feel for what our kids were experiencing. It also came with those words of wisdom from the middle years educators about how to deal with the next three years and our burgeoning teenagers. Frankly, it has long been my personal belief that if you wind up in hell, you must spend the whole of eternity attending middle school - - with your own locker and the wrong choice of clothes.

The teachers were great - and some stereotypical. The music teachers were bouncy and enthusiastic, the PE teacher bordered on "Pat" and the art teacher was so artistically esoteric I hardly understood what she was saying except that I needed to do some soul searching to ensure that I was properly addressing my inner creative soul. Yikes! Are we are the end of those cute little paper mache animals and clay figurines???

George has school off today so that I can go and meet with his advisor to talk about him one-on-one. Given the overall level of middle school angst, he is really thrilled about this! Luckily, he has a new buddy over for the day and I suspect that they will mostly play Wii and watch Blades of Glory. In essence - squelching their inner creative child. Go me.

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