Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunny San Fran

The weather in San Fran can be categorized as the most variable and interesting I have ever experienced. In our last three countries, part of our morning ritual was that the first kid dressed, pressed and downstairs logged on to the laptop and checked the daily weather. Adjustments to clothing and the decision whether to wear a jacket or take an umbrella was determinant on the weather checker. Here in SF, we have retired this practice. Checking the weather is sheer folly.

Today's paper reports the temperature in SF to be "highs: 65 - 92 Lows 49-58". Just focus on the temperature swing of the highs of 27 degrees. How can you determine what you're supposed to put on in the morning?? 27 degrees can mean the difference between parka and tank top. I have taken to just dressing everyone in everything that they own and then carrying a large bag to collect the items that they don't need when they shed them.

In the morning on the way to school we excitedly watch the thermometer in the car that measures the outside temperature. It's kind of like "ambient temperature theater". When we leave the garage it is 68 - reflecting the indoor temp of the garage. Within several moments of leaving the house we can watch it descend to below 60 as we crest the hill on the way to school. From there, the three mile drive to school registers numerous readings as we go up and down hills - - and typically we can see it rise to nearly 68 again as we approach the school. Here we joyfully see the sun for the first time. I then return to our foggy cold neighborhood while the kids enjoy the day in the sun - - merely 3 miles from their house. Of course, if I want to get warm during the day, I just hop in the car and head towards Castro where it is nearly always 10-15 degrees warmer and beautifully sunny. I can actually remove my coat and gloves and hat while I am driving! It's just downright weird.

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