Friday, March 11, 2011

What NOT to wear: Part II

Being art deco fans we've been anxiously watching the transformation of  a cute little deco house that needed a bit of work that is not too terribly far from the CMR.  We would drive by the house often, wondering what they were doing and when they would finally do the exterior work that would highlight the incredibly nifty window in the front of the house.

Since moving to our temp apartment, we no longer travel down this street every day- - so imagine my surprise when I meandered by the other day....

Holy what-have-you-done batman????????? 

There's a whole lotta WTF going on here.  Much of it is obvious.  Some is not.  Things to consider in addition to the staggeringly rowdy multi-colored exterior...  the garage to the right is painted purple (although you can't see it) and it's not the same purple on the front of the house that you can see, the house number which is located on the purple oval shaped thingy above the cool window is bright orange NEON and the door is bright red (which doesn't show well in the photo).  I could say that the solar panels are heart-breaking, but this is SF after all.  Going off the grid and all that jazz.

Frankly, the whole effect is a gosh darn crying out loud tragedy.  I will have to avert my eyes for all future drive bys.  But, while some would say that this is reason that HMOs were implemented  - - to save people from themselves and their wacky ideas of what is aesthetic - - I can't quite go there myself.  You ought to be able to do what you want with your own real estate.  Gaudy blue, purple, neon and all.  And, we (the on-lookers) should also have the opportunity to stand with our pie holes open just wondering, "What WERE you THINKING???"


Molly~ said...

Yep.. that's democracy for you. Permission to have really cheesy taste and permission for others to mock you openly on a blog. Win/Win

2W3 said...

So you were not clear in your blog - Will this be the color scheme your going with or not?

Steph said...

WTF = Why The Face?