Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Decision Time

In just a few short days all the hard work and organization (remember the multi-pocketed folder) of the Find-George-The-Younger-A-High-School will come to fruition.  Decision letters from both public and private will be mailed on March 17th.  George the Younger is calm.  George the Older is anxious.  While my outward appearance is mostly calm, my interior is crazy jumpy.  And perhaps not for the reasons you might think.

Do I think George the Younger will get accepted to a High School?  Yes, I certainly do.  Do I think that there is a possibility that he will not get in to his first choice (which is technically our first choice, but it helps me justify our choice by believing it is his choice.)?  Yes, I certainly do.  But in the end, he will go where he is meant to go and there's nothing that can be done about that now.

What I am really focused on now is something I forgot to spend any time on entirely during the application and review process.  Good strong academics?  Checked that.  Good strong sports program?  Checked that.  Class size, teacher ratio, lunch program, after school clubs and activities, block schedules, homework, college acceptances?  Check, check, check, check, check, check.  Team colors and mascots?  Nope.  Didn't think about that.

Yet, recently I was watching The Blind Side.  You know, the part where Sandra Bullock says she's not going to wear Tennessee orange cause it is not, "in her color wheel?"  And it dawned on me.  What colors will I need to wear for the next 4 years.  What am I going to be yelling from the stands?  Go........???????

Our color options are:  Purple and Gold, Red/White/Blue and Blue/White.  I can do patriotic, I can two blue and white.  I can not wear gold without looking queasy and green.  My color wheel does indeed include purple.  I am a Winter.  This could work.

As Mascots?  We got the Knights, the Breakers and the Crusaders.

I grew up with Brown and Gold (with the white thrown in for a little punch) and we were the Greensburg Salem Golden Lions.  Now a lion is something you can get behind.  It's the effin king of the jungle my friends.  Our mascot was a guy in a furry yellow suit with a enormous paper mache lion's head.  He leapt around and did cheers.  He was a great mascot.  There are good mascots and there are the others.

Take the case of the Breakers.  What is a Breaker?  How does one portray that in mascot form?  Giant foam wave wiggling around out there on the basketball court?  Not intimidating.  A tsunami?  Now that's intimidating.  A breaker?  Not so much.

Knights?  I get that one.  Royal.  Polite.  Chivalrous.  And pretty good with a sword and a horse.  I can envision the mascot, but I wouldn't want to be him.  Chain maille?  Just plain heavy.  Knight hat?  Hard to see through the grate.  And I would bet my bottom dollar that dancing around in a full set of armor requires some real stamina.  Oh, and an oil can.

Crusader?  I'm on the fence about this one - - you know crusaders are very Knight-esque.  'Cept when you get right down to it, there's also a component of agitator or zealot or religious malcontent.  The mascot probably would be GREAT at whipping the crowd into a frenzy - but hopefully has the control to stop the insanity before the entire bleachers empties on their way to rid the world of the scourge that is the "other team" using rolled up sports programs as lethal weapons.  Might is right and all that.

I'll keep you informed as we hear the big news.  It's been a bit of a drag having to had rush,rush,rush, from September through December and then silence, silence, silence as I waited through January and February with nothing on my hands but time to think about my essay and whether I said all the right things or not enough of the right things or I spelled something incorrectly and the admissions team just threw their hands up in horror going, "Well, dang daddy, if the momma can't write, well the youngins' can't write either.  This young pup is outta here."  (This is assuming that all admission teams are Southern).

In that case, the public school colors are red and gold.  How do I feel about Mustangs???


2W3 said...

Although my high school colors were pretty good, maroon and dark blue, our mascot was not. I really doubt that a Breaker is worse than a Winged Beaver!

Steph said...

How would you feel about the double entrande of being the "Trojans"?

Easy on the southerners little lady.

Jacki said...

..And just wait! You get to do it all again in a few years for college! Was our lion "Leo?" I remember the first time I saw the mascot at Slippery Rock. He was literally dressed as a rock. I am not kidding. Leo could have kicked his ass.