Sunday, March 6, 2011

CMR Update March 5: A Video for Molly

My sister Molly suggested taking the flip camera on a stroll through the CMR.  Having never used a flip camera before you can imagine that this was potentially a very bad idea.   The flip camera was actually fairly easy to operate.  The operator, on the other hand, need to get the gist of not making her viewers feel sea sick.  WARNING:  If you are prone to motion sickness - please view at your own risk :)

Oh... I start looking in through the front door, make the "loop" of the upper floor, arriving full circle at the front door again.  I stroll back through the living room and dining room and descend in to the lower level.  At the bottom of the steps I swing (and this, you will see in the operative word) to the right to catch the laundry room and the garage entrance.  Then I swing back and start the 1/2 loop of the lower level.

(Note: See trim and baseboards in the lower level that were recently installed this weekend.  See how brown they are - - as in "how now brown cow?"  This is SO not the right color.  They are supposed to be either a) the color of the upstairs wood work or b) a rich honey color that we chose a sample of.  They are neither a) nor b).  They are brown.  We're not brown kind of folk.  Somethings gotta give here.   Me thinks my GC is going to be unhappy that we don't like brown.)

So, without further ado - - A Stroll for Molly...


Molly~ said...

I LOVE it!!!!!!!

Thank you so very much. I especially loved the traveling music loop. My face hurts from the smile! But I did keep expecting a chevy chase type prat fall any minute - especially as you were taking the stairs! And especially enjoyed the disappearing George around the corner and across the courtyard..

Well done. I really really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Steph said...

Enjoyable! Kind of felt like we were in New Orleans strolling w/ Pete Fountain. I too was waiting for a Chevy-Chase-down-the-stairs moment.