Saturday, March 19, 2011

All things Science

With Spring on the horizon, it is the season where all middle school science teachers embark on the journey of trying to teach many 12 year-olds the fine art of hypothesis, scientific approach and the meaning of independent, dependent and control variables.  They are truly blessed.

I bring up the variables as, at last count, this is my 9th science fair project.  I still have to research on which variable is which.  I do this because I am either unable to remember the subtleties between them or my give-a-damn about whether or not I remember them is broken.  I will stick with option B.  This year, George the Younger, while not having to do a "science fair project" has still been immersed in a couple of scientific testing projects in class.  I have discovered that in addition to being unable to recall the differences in variables, I am also unable to provide much academic support in the identification of something called a "subtle trend."  Turns out that I am much better at identifying things that are enormously obvious.  Of course I am.  Subtle has never been a strong point with me.

This year was Henry's first independent science fair project.  In other words, time out-side of class was needed to complete the larger more sophisticated projects.  It also means the creative design of the tri-fold poster board.  Henry's science fair project was centered around the use of lasers and a wide variety of viscous liquids.  He had a blast.  This is of course because, above all, Henry LOVES science.

Please note a not-so-subtle-trend in the following photos - - the wearing of the ratty green striped sweatshirt in every single photo.  I bought H this sweatshirt a few months ago.  He has only taken it off when I vigorously insist that it is time for the stinky mass of green stripes to be washed.  He wears it all day every day.  I. Hate. The. Sweatshirt.  I do, however, love that he loves science.  Henry has informed me that Einstein also wore the same thing every day. My response?  I doubt that is was NOT a green striped ratty sweatshirt.

The Testing.

The explaining to Dad

The "Official" poster-and-me Photo Op.

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Molly~ said...

Congratulations, Henry! As they say, "last, but certainly not least..." Welcome to the club!!