Thursday, March 17, 2011

And we breath easier

Big or Small?
  There's been much conversation this past week among my fellow 8th grade parents regarding high school schools, high school acceptances, being crazy anxious about high school acceptances and whether or not acceptance letters at the high school level still come in the age old "big envelope = good", "small envelope = bad" construct. (am I being clear about most conversations being centered around high school??  Good.)

The skinny from those who have kids applying to colleges was that the big/small thing wasn't applicable any longer.  The information age pretty much just means everyone gets a small envelope and then technology takes care of the rest.  Personally, I liked the big/small thing when Shannon was applying to colleges.  It made it easier to either gird your loins for the impending meltdown or prepare for the triumphant jumping and rejoicing.

I can now report, with a very high level of confidence, that acceptance letters at the HS level (at least in one case) continue to adhere to the Big Envelope / Small Envelope rite of passage...

Congratulations to George the Younger who got his first BIG ENVELOPE in the mail today!!  We're all very happy and very proud.

I'd tell you where the envelope was from  - but we've been encouraged to save the news until all the kids have heard and the rest of the letters have been received.  Suffice to say, it's our first choice and we're over the moon.  And, for those of you that know George the Younger and have a sense of how HUGE his smile can be - - well multiply it a thousand fold.  He was beaming.

So, hats off to my guy.  He's going to High School!!!  Class of 2015.  Go G!

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Molly~ said...

I actually got all choked up thinking about G3's big smile. SO proud of him!! Way to go!! It's all gravy from here!