Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Ads?

Were you, like me, entirely underwhelmed by yesterdays Super Bowl ads?

I'm a lukewarm football fan. I watch cause the boys watch. Left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't watch it or follow it or care a hoot about it. The existence of one teenage boy (aka The Younger) spurs me on to keep third eye on what's going on. Gives us something to talk about. Something that he's interested in and will string together any number of words (including adjectives AND adverbs) to discuss. It's worth knowing a little something about.

But, the Super Bowl is horse of a different color. It's an event I can get behind. It's football wrapped up in stuff I like. A good rendition of the National Anthem, some really good advertisements, and the ability to eat copious amounts of junk food (just cause you can!). In years past, I would have also mentioned the half-time show, but yesterday's Who songfest was forever sullied in my mind thanks to some intimate close ups with Pete's exposed grandpa belly while he was rockin out on his axe. Axe and Grandpa belly do not belong in the same sentence, let alone on National TV. Wrong. So many kinds of wrong. I just want the visions to stop. Strum - jiggle. Strum - jiggle.

But back to the ads. What a lame-o grouping this year. There were only a couple that elicited a hardy har har har. Most were expensive yawn fests. But, here's one you didn't see. And THIS. Now THIS is a rooty-toot-tootin laugh a minute....


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Lets not forget about this fun fact about Pete: