Thursday, February 4, 2010

Eye to Eye

In breaking news, George the Younger was declared "officially" taller than me last night.

And while, at 5'2" tall the achievement for most would not be cause for celebration - it appears that if you are a teenage boy and you finally get taller than your Mom - well, this is hecka great.

I remember when Shannon also finally got taller than me, but I think that this happened at a later date. Since she topped out at about 5'4" (if I'm not mistaken), it is good news for the Younger. He has great aspirations to be one of the tallest Vietnamese people in history.

George the Younger's got a thing in his mind that he's going to be 6' tall. A pipe dream at best. I've visited the glass tomb of Uncle Ho Chi Minh and even though he was lying down - I think if we stood him upright he would be about the same size as your every day kitchen broom. Lofty stature is not one of the stronger gene traits for the Vietnamese crowd. Still, if the growth charts are accurate predictors, he should stretch up to about 5'9". Not too shabby for a little SE Asian guy.

Henry (aka the Khmer Prince) on the other hand, remains stunted in somewhere on the growth charts around the 25th percentile. He's disappointed that he will not be as tall as his brother. He derives some comfort knowing that he has a really good probability of eventually being taller than me. The conclusion I have derived is that is isn't the extent of your elevation - it's only important how that height relates to that of your Mom.

Lucky for both of them that they were adopted by a fairly diminutive white lady. What a disappointment it would have been for both had I been 5'10". I'm glad I could help with that.