Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Darth and Banks

Well, I almost made it blogging every day - but yesterday was an "epic fail." Best laid plans and all that. Yesterday turned in to one of those - crap-I-have-a-lot-of-totally-unrelated-things-to-do-today days. It was iced with a large serving of "crap-those-totally-unrelated-things-take-oodles-longer-than-planned."

The Henster is now cast free. I hauled him over to USCF thinking that getting a cast sawed off would take about an hour. Wrongo. I didn't know that getting cast sawed off had to be preceded by getting full blown x-rays on different floor of hospital, waiting for said xrays to be read by prominent ortho-lady, and having said ortho-lady make a determination as to whether or not cast should be sawed.

I also didn't plan on cast-sawing-off-guy to be sick on cast sawing off day. We waited about 40 minutes for them to find someone to do the sawing deed. Since UCSF is a teaching hospital, I was hoping to see some young intern or resident or medical student be forced to come and perform the procedure. You know, like in Grey's Anatomy where the resident who has done something bad, as in sleep with one of the night nurses and then is caught by the chief resident, and as punishment is forced to do the crap job of cast removal to reveal the stinky unbathed limb as opposed to performing life-saving neuro surgery. But, alas, they finally got some "real" doctor to come up and do it. The whole time he is holding this buzzing hand saw within inches of Henry's flesh, he was complaining about how this was NOT what he went to medical school to do. Blat. Blat. Blat. Charming guy. HE must have been the one caught stealing mood enhancers from the hospital stash the day before to warrant getting the shoulder tap to unleash the leg.

In the end, leg was freed, it looks like it's been exhumed from the crypt (skinny, and covered in patchy dead skin flakes), and he was put in to this rather large black plastic/Velcro boot contraption for the next three weeks. (Hence the Darth photo - it's very darth-esque). In the end, elapsed time 3.5 hours.

Left the Henster at school, went to the grocery, did some work for Camtom, went to pick up the boys, listened to them kvetch for about five minutes about having to go to frickin Kumon before I took them out of their misery and told them that they just needed to go in to Kumon and get the work for the rest of the week saving them their own personal hell that has become 2 hours twice at week at that place. Then came time for banking.

As luck would have it, one of the Cambodia Tomorrow fellow board members was in town yesterday from Seattle. We needed to open a new bank account. Our old bank must be using the word "incompetent" as one of their key performance drivers . That relationship needed to end. So, E and I headed down to my local branch of the newly chosen bank to open up our new account.

New Accounts guy was very nice. New Accounts guy was VERY young. New Accounts guy was also very slow. We started opening the account at 5:00. At 6:15 we were still in the branch now facing a teller that had to keep her window open until we could make our deposit (who on the outside remained very gracious, but on the inside likely had her nose out of joint). As E and I sat there, there were long breaks between us interacting with New Accounts guy. He was busy doing things on his computer to open the account. I think we was surfing the web and looking at you-tube videos. Maybe he was checking his facebook? All we know is that when he finally printed out the papers for us to sign, the tiny sections of the documents that were modified to contain our personal Cambodia Tomorrow Account Information were - well, it looked like he just typed our names in, put the address and our tax ID number. I am now certain he was checking his live news feed on FB. He probably changed his status to read "Looking like I'm doing something important....NOT!!!!"

But, now we have a new bank account with all the fun things that having a new bank account entail. Debit cards, on-line banking, the ability to wire on line, all kinds of security questions for on-line banking and all the rest. Very cool! E and I practically skipped back to my house imagining how much easier our lives will be with out having to deal with the organization of ineptitude that was our prior bank. Go us.

But, again, to get back to the original subject. We were thinking 30-45 minutes to open a new account. Total elapsed time: 1.5 hours.

In the end, I blew my own goal of blogging every day. Please excuse me now while I go to beat myself silly. I will do that right after I vacuum Henry's bed out that is filled with enough dead skin to clone about a billion of him if I had the technology (or the will).

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