Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Remember your first "like?" Remember your first "love?" Chances are high that you do. I remember having lots of crushes before someone felt a first "like" about me in return. I remember notes being passed in the hallways - "Do you think Teddy likes me? I like him." "Do you like me? Check YES or NO!" Not near the stuff of Lord Byron - but then again I suspect that before he was a Lord of anything he was a middle schooler named George who scratched out something akin to these on some random piece of scroll when he was 13 trying to woo one of his distant cousins.

George the Younger has also found himself his first "like." He's told me that they verbally admitted their mutual liking-ness to each other. I don't know if there were preceding notes involved. The budding romance was probably conceived during any number of texts. Texts are the new "notes" of 2010. I haven't seen the actual texts. Something tells me that the verbiage was suspiciously unchanged from that of generations past, but in shorter form. I'm thinking the whole exchange used three letters and some random punctuation.

So George the Younger's first memorable Valentines Day approaches. He has requested a trip to the mall to get his "Like" a gift. I am proud to say that he asked for my help. He's setting the budget. He wants to get her a bracelet. I gently explained that I didn't think $5 wasn't going to be enough. He's contemplating his options and his cash situation. He also needs to get a card. Cards are important.

I remember my first Valentine's card. I got it in 7th grade too. I have it in a scrapbook somewhere. It was sign G.L. He left it in the air vents of my locker in the hallway of Greensburgh Salem Junior High School. That romance didn't go anywhere, but still - these are the things that girls keep. I guess I need to let him know that she may keep this card. For a long time. I need to remind him that even though it's 2010 - and most communication is done via text - that this card is going to be important. I need to tell him that cause I'm the mom and the one responsible for making sure that he grows in to a good man. I guess G.R.'s mom did the same thing.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. Lord Byron's first name really was George. Go figure.

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Sheila said...

Cute...How surreal. Hope this "like" helps in his training to become a good man.