Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Date?

My favorite (and oft used) moving company is set to start our packing on the 26th.  Dog is scheduled to go to doggie camp for the move duration.  I'm calling the utilities to get them turned off here as of May 1st.

Any one among you want to wager a bet?  To move or not to move?  That is the question...

Fingers crossed (and toes and arms and legs and whatever else can be crossed) that Jorge the Stain Lord will finish on Saturday.  Then a final week of crazy begins.  Switches installed, interior light fixtures hung,  cool exterior light fixtures put in place, final installation of the sky lights and surrounding trim, casework in the wii room, wall panels, closet rods and shelves, more wiring, back doors, knobs and towel racks, faucets and sinks, door pulls and drawer pulls, grouting in the upper two bathrooms, toilets set, Steve the Wine Guy's magic, interior paint will be touched up...and stuff I am sure I don't remember.  Oh and cleaning - - holy devil's snow batman - - that place needs a good dusting!  And finally, I think that this all needs to be inspected and signed off.

So, who's betting now? 

1 comment:

KB said...

I think you should create a March Madness Style bracket we can bet on with "Stain Lord Finishes May 12" "Move Happens June 12" that sort of thing.