Friday, April 8, 2011

CMR Update: Stainmageddon: The Battle Begins 4/7

All looked peaceful and quiet as I approached the CMR this morning.  The new exterior paving and cement work (most required by the evil City of San Francisco) sat drying in the morning sun.  But there, in the bottom left side windows, was a sign that all was not right within.  Then I noticed the absence of construction trucks, construction workers....  could it be?  Could Jorge the Stain Lord have arrived to save the CMR from the grasp of the evil brown stain monster?

I snuck inside to take a look.  Things looked both ominous and promising....

Keep closed from whom or what???

Not a surface left uncovered.

Red paper on windows - - - creates a peculiar glow.

Entire rooms are blocked with colossal hefty bags

Everything protected but the wee octagonal window frame
What does this mean?  A secret message for the Stain Lord?
Or just construction jesters??

But Jorge the Stain Lord???  Where was he hiding?  Where had he chosen to begin his epic battle???

The maestro's gear is the only thing left accessible

The samples are prepared and wait for final approval

A shadowy figure in the upper hall... could this be Jorge the Stain Lord??
No.  Just one of his side kicks.

Here HE IS!!!

Jorge the Stain Lord!!!

Jorge the Stain Lord many not look like much with his curious respirator mask and his unassuming costume (where is his cape??) - - but this is the super hero that will deliver us safe harbor from Stainmageddon.  He will take the reigns and where there is brown - - he will make gold.  He will sand and he will spray and he will compare and contrast -- and he will CONQUER!!!!!

Go Stain Lord.  GO!!!!!!!

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