Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CMR Update: T MINUS 10. April 16th...

It's already Wednesday night (so we are T-7) - - but here are some shots on what's going on.  Turns out that Jorge the Stain Lord is INDEED a super hero.  The wood looks fabulous.  The final battle of Stainpocalypse was fought and WON!!  

In outdoor news... 

Before: Little octagon window not painted white and the ivy was killing everything in the front yard

After:  Mass of ivy under control (albeit not as green and leafy) and the little octagon window stands out 

New front porch light.

New garage door light

Pretty new driveway and sidewalk

The Stainlord does GREAT things in George the Younger's Room

In person this is SCRUMPTIOUS

Still - - it looks like the boy in the bubble lives here....

Why is there a chair in my house that doesn't belong to me?  

Siding installed and painted in the atrium

More atrium

And one more.  Check out the weird paint job at the upper roof level.  Half  white half red.    Need to fix that.

See this plug??  This used to be the main source of electricity running through a window.  Note that it is now "unplugged"

Instead....our very first switch.  We are off the plug!!

Three days later and things are hopping at the CMR.  SO much is going on and we are ON FOR THE MOVE next week.  Can't believe it.

Will try to get some photos tomorrow when I head over to fix a doorbell problem.  Problem?  The bell is no longer wired to the button, but the button IS wired to the kitchen where there is no bell.  Alas.

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