Thursday, April 21, 2011

CMR Update: Wine and Ambiance 4/21

We're exactly one week away from the big move and the team is cranking over at the CMR.  Foreman Luke is managing well with his trusty clipboard in hand.  I can hardly stand to leave there since every hour brings more of the "cool stuff" that we've imagined.  Sure, the construction part (digging the big hole.  filling the hole with stuff like cement and wood.) was awful dang amazing - - but now the pretty stuff gets done.

Steve the Wine Guy did his magic today.

You start with a big crate

You add more crates

You put all the crates in a big hole in the wall and look at them

You put on some doors and you got:  Wine Cabinet!!

Howard the Electrician is hustling about making sure all the light fixtures are getting put in:

George the Younger's Lair

Nifty bullet lights in the pool room

And the King of Steel arrived today with our custom railings.  Can you say, "Totally Wicked!" - - well that's what I said.  Finally, I can walk down the hallway without the niggling feeling like I was going to end up ass over tea kettle one floor down.

Hella Cool Metal!

It's going to be hard to keep up with everything that's getting done these days.  But, it looks like it's going to get done - and we're going to see our stuff again in the house that we built.  Astonishing.

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