Monday, November 22, 2010

Not a Hater

Dear Darling Bristol,

Tonight on DWTS you said that there were a lot of "haters" out there and you were going to prove them wrong by winning this whole dang kit and kaboodle. Good on you - - but....

If by "haters" you refer to those who want to sit down and watch a DANCE show where people actually move gracefully across the floor - - then color me a "hater."

If by "haters" you refer to those who want to actually escape in to a friggin DANCE show without it becoming an extension of the current fucked-up political scene - - yup, "hater."

If by "hater" you refer to your "supporters" who support you simply because your Mom's website says that's what they say they should do without giving a rats rear end about whether you not you could do a passable Paso Doble - - ummmm - I'll put my hand up for "hater" on that account as well.

If by "haters" you refer those who think that dancing actually requires a modicum of rhythm, musicality and the ability to, oh I don't know, remember the steps - - yup, again, that'd be me.

But darlin' I don't hate you. You're as cute as a chubby little button. You can toddle off and be the best dang undefined "teen activist" ever in the whole darn history of people who are being activists for unknown and unmentioned causes. You just ain't no dancer.... nope. No hoofer at all.

Hugs and Kisses,

Sick of politics invading my escapist dance show

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Steph said...

Next up... SKATING with the Stars (aka SWTS). I love Bethany - she's hilarious.