Monday, November 22, 2010

CMR Update: Moving Along November

Between great grand rain storms that rocked the Bay area this weekend (and brought some normally rare thunder and lightning) - we headed over the homestead to check out the weekly progress.

See the blue skies? Perfect timing to make the visit - rain didn't hold off for too much longer... See the pretty house still under construction?

See nifty front stairs being formed? Hopefully, the rain will hold off for the rest of the week and then we will have stairs, and a porch, and a less dangerous way to enter the house. Except that the front door still doesn't open thanks to that pesky "house leveling" thing that happened a couple o'months ago, but they're going to take the whole thing out to water proof under it and they say it should work dandily after that.

See the rain that got in the house since it's not exactly water tight these days? Windows are necessary to keeping rain out I believe. We ain't got those yet. But the good news from this photo? Water is pooling, not running. Nice level floors!!!

See the tons of red tubing that will keep our feet warm all year long? They are almost done running the radiant heat for the upstairs. They need to secure it to those dummy boards they have installed and then... heat!

See George The Elder climbing up through the hidey hole between Henry's room and the upstairs closet? Our old "entry way" of shimmying up between the floor joists in to the Kitchen is no longer an option. They went and put a ceiling in there. Damn them.

See the long to-do list? See how I am smiling that they have a to-do list? See how I am frowning because of the small number of check marks on said to-do list?

See the cool box from Duravit that contains the sink for the new bath downstairs? This means that things are starting to arrive. At our house we now have a few boxes full of lighting fixtures and many many door knobs.

See the very flat very cool new roof above the kitchen and the stairs? Almost finished - but it did keep the rain out over the weekend. Nice job for a roof!

See the name Jensen 1949? This is the original builders name that they got off on old permit inside the garage. They wrote in on this beam...

Right next to it they wrote John Muldoone who is one of our builders and the date 2010. This is all going to get dry walled in - but imagine how cool it will be 50 years from now when someone opens the ceiling back up. A little hidden history...

See the cool "permission to build" permit from February 1949? We're going over to steam these off the wall next week. We want to frame them and put them on the outside of the dry wall.

So, this week - lots more stuff going on. I am hopeful that the to-list will have more checks and we will get closer to move in. GC Paul waffled on giving me the move in date during our meeting last Wednesday (still waiting to hear the expected delivery date of doors and windows) - but we're hoping to hear this week. Original move in date was set for January 17. Given today's date that would mean only about 45 more days (ish). I'm no dummy - I know it's going to be later than that - still - it's nice to dream!

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