Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Homemade Sushi

In most families when you ask the 12 year old boy, "What do you want to be for Halloween?" the answer is a superhero or a cartoon character or most likely, something gruesome that will scare the little kids with realistic knife wounds or zombie effects.

When you ask my 12 year old boy what he wants to be for Halloween, the answers are not so simple. This year? Sushi.

He wanted to be a food product. I was game. And yet - how does one actually construct a child sized roll of fish and seaweed paper? I spent a morning wandering around our local JoAnne Fabrics getting inspiration. What to use? How to do it?

The result: Foam, seaweedy fabric, wide black ribbon, white plastic garbage bags, some wasabi colored felt and a couple of orangy colored kitchen scrubbers that worked nicely as sake (salmon).

My sewing machine is in deep dark storage, so this had to accomplished using only safety pins and spray adhesive. It was very McGuyver-esq.

George the Younger went as "The muscle." He does have a very Vietnamese mafia look to him, doesn't he? Bought the suit coat at Nordstrom's Rack. Not only is it a great Halloween costume, but it will work nicely for his upcoming 8th grade graduation. Usually it works the other way around - you re-use actual clothes for costumes. We are moving from costume to actual clothes.

Dig that Wasabi hat y'all. I am Martha. I am crafty. I CAN make sushi.

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