Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A little Glitter...

What is it about Thanksgiving that makes you want to emulate Martha Stewart without a single ounce of regret or embarrassment? I dunno. But, damn, we sure did our best this year.

We headed down to Phoenix to spend some quality time with my sisters and cousins - an event that, if history tells, will repeat itself some time in 2030. We're a scattered group - - us Wood girls - - so this year was serendipitous in that, due to some last minute flight arrangements by one, we got to spend the holiday together. And, with Aunt Deb as our "hostess with the most-ess" - we had oodles of "martha-ing" to do.

We glittered the requisite gourds and dried ears of corn. Which, I might add, would NOT have been done at my house (temporary living or no) since I have a real 'thing' about glitter and it's insidious ability to find it's way in to various nooks and crannies and appears decades after the craft event, usually in your food. I don't know how. It just does. So, kudos to Deb for allowing this to happen. She, not surprisingly, was vacuuming some of it up on Sunday morning after T-day. She will find more - - perhaps when we reunite in 2030 - - I guaran-damn-t-it.

We used the glittered fall fruit to make stunning center pieces with more husks, leaves gathered from Washington DC (thanks Shannon) and sparkly ribbon. They were, if we don't say so ourselves - gosh dern nearly perfect.

We stamped and stickered and bow-tied some place cards. I got to write the names. I have oddly good penmanship - the result of a BS in Education from Wittenberg University. Thankfully, I got to use it for something since, clearly, I didn't use it for teaching.

We made napkins in to cute wee little rosebuds (a skill I learned from a sweet cambodian girl last time I visited there - a tres nifty skill to have and super easy, hence why I remembered how to do it) and folded napkins to look like leaves (a skill we learned from the internet while we were looking for another shape to beautify our table).

We made cool leaf cut-outs out of pastry for the top of our delicious apple pie. Thank you Williams and Sonoma for your dandy little leaf cut-out things. You're the tops.

And after all of that - we had our table. Martha probably would have made lovely little hand crafted and stenciled chair covers so that everything was perfectly uniform - but we like the eclectic look - - plus, we didn't have time to cover furniture. There's really only so much you can do in 12 hours....

We're good - we three sisters...... Yup, we can martha a thanksgiving table with the best of 'em. Or we can at least do what our big sister tells us to.... same diff.

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