Monday, August 16, 2010

CMR Update 08/15: We've been framed

Sunday dawned gray, cold and, gray and cold. Standard stuff for this summer. The boys got home from camp the night before, so we dragged them kicking and screaming away from electronics and blankets to head over to the Cool Mid-century Remodel (CMR).

While they were "not pleased" to be wrenched from their computer screens, updates of facebook and Call of Duty - them there boys acted just like boys when they hit the inner sanctum of the construction site. Nails to pick up, planks to walk and bounce on, dirt to throw. Ah. Boys.

This week it looks like the biggest change is that we now have framing around the pool room. The concrete was nice to give a sense of where rooms were - and yet, the addition of the framing makes it even more obvious. George the Elder and I were lamenting how nice it would be down there if we were able to leave the whole place open to the sky like it is now. So bright! And so cold and so wet. Not a good idea. The skylights are going to have to do. The windows in the boys' rooms will also bring in much needed sun light.

The view of the "pool" room from George the Youngers room.

View from inside the pool room

A rare photo of me inside my laundry room. Not that being inside the laundry is rare for me - I spend a considerable amount of time doing laundry - but the whole photo of me is rare. I am the family photographer. I like it behind the lens. I worry less about wearing lipstick.

It's a regular family week - a view of George the Younger in his soon to be room doing what he will soon to be doing in there when there are actually walls, windows and a floor. Texting.

Henry stands in front of his "window" looking through the bathroom....

A little comic "relief" so to speak. H takes an imaginary dump where the future crapper will be located.

And last, the boys give the big thumbs up for changes while they've been away at camp.

On the agenda this week is more framing, some more concrete and decisions about the atrium roof. Trench drain? Regular drain? Lava rock in sand? Lava rock on pedestal? It boggles the mind. Plus, we continue to wrestle with the transition between Phase I (The lower level) and Phase 2 and 3 - mostly with Phase 3: Landscaping. Just when you think you've thought it through, you find out that you need to notch out some concrete. Notch away.


Jana said...

Looks like you're making progress! When do you expect to be able to move in?

fin said...

You are wearing your winter coat for goodness sakes woman! Pleased that it is all on track and that the boys are pleased too :) Afterall - it's their pit - essentially!