Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CMR: Before

Was thinking that I wanted to post up some "before" photos now that the beams are gone and to remind myself how much I like the upstairs of the house given that we've had no access to it for the past many weeks. I peeked in the windows yesterday and it is DIRTY! Everything is covered with a whole lotta construction dust. But, in just a few months, it will be spic and span again. I hope.

This is the whole of the space that was on the lower level. Amazing what you find when you take out a few load bearing walls and bring in a back hoe!!

Upstairs hallway gazing on the now demolished interior courtyard.

Interior courtyard with beautiful view of the cinder block "planter" Why cinder block? Got me.

Dining room.

Living Room

Can't wait to get back in and do my thing! Five months and counting!

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