Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tis the Season

And we begin. Baseball 2010. The team? The Angels. The league? Juniors. The game? Far better than T-ball...

Last week's opening game started at 3:45 started mild and sunny. Was the perfect combo of boys playing baseball and reconnecting with families from last year. It ended up 3.5 hours later with most of the fans and players fervently wishing for something to keep them warm. A coat. A jacket. A beach towel from the trunk (that was me)! The temp dropped perilously low (mid 40's) and the wind was blowing off the pacific in a steady frigid onslaught. It didn't take long before the give-a-damn was broken for both teams. When you're that cold - winning looses a whole lotta meaning! When they tied it up at the end of the seventh - there was much rejoicing. A TIE! That's the ticket. No winner. No loser. Now, let's go get warm!!

I had to call friends, who had Henry for the afternoon, to let them know that the normal 2 hour game time has been extended, but my hands were shaking so badly from the cold I could hardly make the call. But, I tell you, I got some great friends. We pulled up at their place and they met us outside with steaming cups of cocoa. Now THAT'S what friends are for.

Today's game was shorter and was played in absolutely gee-or-gee-ous San Fran weather. Sunny, high 60's - perfect day for a ball game. It was a win for the angels.

So, 2 games down - 13 to go. 1 win. 1 tie. And so it goes...

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