Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Need a Tonic?

Yesterday was D-Day for the bids on our cool retro house project. Some were high. Some were dizzingly stratospheric. None were the baby bear (just right!) of construction bids we were hoping for. Alas.

So, while George The Elder and I pick ourselves (and our jaws) up off the ground, dust ourselves off, stop clutching our chests, and remember that this is just the beginning - I share with you an uplifting and clever video that I stole today from a fellow blogger (who doesn't know I exist, so she won't mind).

It's called "This too Shall Pass." Never a more apt song for a blustery day when reality hits you in the face like a hot kiss on the end of a wet fist.

So, while we wait for someone very rich, who likes us immensely, to perhaps bequeath us large sums of money before they actually pass on - enjoy the video. I know it made me smile.

Rumor has it that you can just click on the handy-dandy "Scott's Emulsion" advertisement right in this post to get to the link.... Try it! Just click on the fish...

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