Monday, March 15, 2010

He's got the look

Invited Guest: Henry
Event: Bianca's Birthday Party
Theme: Dance Party
Challenge: Dress as your "favorite rock star"

The result....

It's freakish and disturbing what a t-shirt I bought for myself in London, a pair of skinny jeans that George the Younger has out-grown, a little eye-liner and a good deal of hair gel can do to the kid. Egads.

He had no clear idea as to who his favorite rock star was - so I had no choice but to raid my own closet and jewelry box (hey! nice bracelets!) to develop "the look." George the Younger thought he looked very "Emo." I have no idea what Emo means, but I'm hoping it doesn't have any connection to kiddie porn. Like I said....EGADS!!


Stephanie said...

According to my peeps... Emo = punk guy who wears tight girl's jeans. I, in turn, expained to them what "egads" means... egads = OMG (language they understand).

fin said...

My question is - who has Henry seen posing like that before the camera - I searched your site - but didn't find the pics of George Sr. Could you put them up (lol - we do love you George - even without the sultry "I'm bored"look).