Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time on the Couch

Turns out that when we aren't playing games, doing puzzles, playing dominoes, doing jigsaw puzzles, taking over in Settlers of Catan or all the other things that we have been doing to keep the Henster occupied while he is laid up with broken leg - well, I discovered that he makes his own videos on the laptop.

I don't know when he did this, cause it sure as heck feels like all I do lately is ENTERTAIN him - that is when I am not holding a large tupperware bowl so that he can take a leak in the living room. As a person who heretofore has never had to master that art of the "shake" - I'm pretty good at it now. Should I be proud of this?

And as much as I love him - and I really do love him - school starts tomorrow. I looking forward to my time off duty as chief-step-and-fetch-master, prop-the-giant-cast-up-repeatedly, purchase-new-pull-on-athletic-plants-where-one-leg-is-cut-off-and-the-other-one-hemmed-up-as-if-he-were-a-vet-returning-home-after-a-nasty-run-in-with-a-hand-grenade, help-me-take-a-dump, help-me-down-the-steps, generally HELP-ME!! kinds of things. Like I said, I love him. But having a broken leg with cast stem to stern means that we have stepped back in time to when he was 2.

I know that there are many, many who have it worse than we do here. It's just a broken leg after all. And to those folks I apologize. But, damn. I can't wait for the cast to come off.

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2W3 said...

You may be creating a monster. I can already hear it.... "Dorothy! Get me a glass of water!"