Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today the whole family was gathered around the dining table having a pretty normal lunch conversation. That is, at least, until George the Elder uttered the words "penal institution" aloud. I can't remember the context other than that we were talking about somebody spending some time in jail.

FYI in case this scenario should arise in the context of your own lunch conversation where 50% of the participants are under the age of 13 and are male: Uttering the word penal, pronounced penile, means that the conversation will immediately cease. In its place will be laughter. Hysterical laughter. Endless chortling, snorting and guffawing kinds of laughter. It will eventually require you (the remaining female) to remove yourself from the table muttering something like. "Oh for crying out loud!"

Note: George the Elder got to laughing too. hardy har har har.

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Bjorn said...

Still works for 21 year olds, too. Cracks them up.