Thursday, January 28, 2010

Supposed to

I was listening to NPR yesterday - actually only half listening, which is generally what I do while I am driving. I half listen, I half pay attention to driving and I half think about a million other miscellaneous topics while I am doing the rest. That adds up to greater than 100%, so maybe I more like 33% listen. But that's not the point.

There was a person commenting on whether or not the Pope should have a blog. I thought that was kind of funny. But what caught my attention was that the woman speaking said it might not be possible to have a blog since if you have one you need to blog everyday and the Pope might not have time for that. No kidding. The pope is likely a pretty busy guy. Lots of listening to God, lots of forgiveness time, lots of time to get dressed up in his various hats and make public appearances, lots of time to write long winded narratives on what catholics and can and cannot do. And, if the guy who wrote Angels and Demons is correct, he also needs to take time to protect himself from being poisoned at nearly every meal by those closest to him. That's a great deal of things to fit in to a single day.

I'm not the pope. My life is far less hectic and I do not own a popemobile (although tell me that wouldn't be cool - - sort of like the top o'the line smart car sitting right on the bed of an El Camino). Still, I have major trouble finding the time to blog every day. Moreover, I cannot not often think of anything interesting to blog about. I get some flack for this from my various blog readers (all 5 of them). Turns out, I'm not too terribly interesting :)

But what would happen if I forced myself to write something every day? Well, we're going to see about that. Starting today, I'm going to find something everyday to blog. Let's see how this goes. The lady talking about the pope says he should have a little cache of u-tube videos that he likes that he can post on days when he's not feeling inspired. Isn't that funny? A pope who's not inspired? How does that work? But, I will try not to resort to posting funny u-tube vides, mainly because I never go to u-tube unless someone else posts something. I'm lazy that way.

Will this work? Who knows. Let's see. Oh, and by the way, since I used up more than the typical 33% alloted to listening to the radio, I must have usurped some of that from the 33% that I use to pay attention to driving. I missed my turn while I was listing and had to go around the block. Yup, that's a true story. A sad, but a true story.

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