Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do the right thing

In today's Sunday paper, I noticed that there were at least three articles on what to serve at next week's Superbowl Sunday get together. Along with the standards of chips, wings, and beer (all Superbowl classics), I noticed that two menus included Gatorade as an alternative drink of choice. Yup, that unbelievably tasty sports drink that comes in neon colors (sarcasm intended).

I just want to be clear. When choosing a menu for a particular social event, the host should consider the guests, as well as what those guests will be doing while they are at the social event. I think there may be a little confusion on this. The football players will be the ones exerting energy and risking dehydration. What they will NOT be is attending a Superbowl party during the game. The guests at the Superbowl party will be the ones sitting on the couch stuffing their faces with football shaped nachos while intermittently exerting marginal physical activity by yelling at the TV screen. What the guests will NOT be doing is playing a sport and therefore requiring a sports drink that will replenish their electrolytes.

Ignore the push to include Gatorade at your party. Remember rule #1 of Superbowl Party 101: Inebriated guests are far more fun. Do the right thing - - serve beer like you are supposed to.

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